Automatic retries

There are various reasons that your orders might be not exported on the the first try. The server that you want to send the orders to may be temporarily down or inaccessible due to a network problem.

In case of any failure, Exporteo retries to export an order up to 10 times with an increasing delay. The delay between subsequent attempts grows exponentially (2ⁿ - 1). The first retry takes place after 1 minute, second attempt 3 minutes after the first retry, third after 7 minutes, and so on. The last attempt occurs around 17 hours after the first failed export.

The maximum number of attempts for bulk exports depends on the selected schedule. Hourly automations are being re-run up to 5 times because more attempts would overlap the next scheduled run. Daily and less frequent automations are being retried up to 10 times.

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