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How does Exporteo handle failed exports?

What happens if the external server is offline or inaccessible temporarily? Does Exporteo keep trying until it is successful, or will that export simply be lost?
In case of any error, Exporteo retries to export an order up to 10 times. Find out more details on the automatic retries page.

Is it possible to sync old orders?

You can process existing orders if they are no older than 60 days. Navigate to the Orders section in your Shopify dashboard. Select the orders you want to sync on the list. A bar appears at the bottom of the page. Click the button with the three dots and select the option Process in Exporteo.
Process Shopify order in Exporteo annotated

How to exclude removed items?

Shopify keeps removed items in the order data and even retains the original quantity. The only property that distinguished regular items from the deleted ones is the fulfillable_quantity. Hence, to leave out removed items you can add an if statement with a condition on fulfillable_quantity > 0
{%- for item in order.line_items %}
{%- if item.fulfillable_quantity > 0 %}
{%- endif %}
{%- endfor %}
Note that the solution works only if an order is not fulfilled yet. If an order is already fulfilled, then all items have fulfillable_quantity equal to zero. In such case the only way to determine removed items is to check if they appear in order.refunds.

How to add our brand logo to the PDF invoice?

You can add an <img> element linked to the logo image hosted on your website.
<img src="https://website.com/images/logo.png" style="width: 200px">
If you have your logo in SVG format then you can insert it directly as an <svg> element in the output template.
You can switch to the preview mode to check if the logo looks good.