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Exporteo is able to send order data by email. You can use this destination channel to integrate with external systems, or to send invoices to your customers.
Exporteo email destination settings


The From address is always <store>@exporteo.solvenium.com, where <store> is your Shopify account handle.


The To address can be either a fixed email address or dynamically generated from a Liquid code.
For example, you can send the email to the customer who placed the order by using the following Liquid expression {{ order.email }}.

Reply To

Optionally, you can set a Reply To address. This is useful when sending emails to customers. They can reply to you, instead of Exporteo's source address.


The Subject field accepts a Liquid code. The main variable is order in automations that process a single order or orders in the bulk mode.
Useful Liquid expressions for the Subject field:
  • {{ order.name }} - order number with prefix, e.g. #1023
  • {{ order.order_number }} - order number starting from 1000, e.g. 1023
  • {{ order.created_at | date: "%Y-%m-%d" }} - order creation date formatted as year-month-day, e.g. 2023-04-05

Output as

You can send the generated output as email content or as an attachment.
Selecting the Content option changes the list of available formats to CSV, HTML, JSON, and XML.
PDF and XLSX can be only send as an attachment.